About Mimosa Street

In a world where mass production is the norm, it's very easy to overlook the provenance of an item. Which is why we source our products from very carefully selected suppliers, artists and designers. Most of the products at Mimosa Street are handmade, and we love the fact that so much care goes into their creation and production.

Increasingly we work directly with inspirational designer-makers to create beautiful items which can only be found at Mimosa Street.

When we are sourcing products, beauty and quality are the constants that we are looking for, but we get excited when we find something unique or exceptional about a product too.

Take for example the exclusive Allophylus screen print by Modern Botanics (formerly mi+ed design) - not only is it stunning, but it's also printed on recycled Italian paper containing seaweed from Venice. We love little details like these.

Mimosa Street is a PETA-approved vegan retailer. We never knowingly stock products that are made from leather or other animal-derived materials, which is why you'll find lots of interesting alternatives in our collections. PETA approved vegan retailer

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