Supporting the creative community - the Just a Card campaign September 28, 2017 12:05

Just a Card, which is supported by Mollie Makes and The Design Trust, is a volunteer-run campaign to encourage people to buy from artists, designers, independent shops and galleries. It was started by the artist and designer Sarah Hamilton when she saw a message from gallery owners who had recently shut up shop. It basically said that if everyone who had said kind things about the gallery had bought just a card, they'd still be open.

The campaign got us thinking about everything it takes to run a small creative business and the importance of supporting the people behind the scenes. We know lots of talented creatives who have turned doing what they love into a day job (or in some cases evening, weekend and stolen moments jobs!).

Just a Card campaign - supporting makers, designers and creative businesses

Beyond the printing, painting, sketching and design work, there's tons of donkey work too.There are no marketing or social media teams working to promote their products or brands, nor accountants to do the number crunching and general housekeeping. It means that these makers, designers, artists and small business owners have to be multi-skilled multi-taskers to pull it all together! Though meaningful and fulfilling, the creative path is not always the most straightforward. So, on Just a Card Day, here's a big shout out to all the hard-working people doing their own creative thing!

At Mimosa Street, we love being able to showcase some of this creative talent. We've worked with many wonderful designers and makers over the years and their work is considered, original and beautifully handmade - and that's surely something to celebrate. A big thank you to the makers and designers, along with the Just a Card crew for supporting the creative community.

Just a Card poster

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